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How do you calculate mileage for income tax?
When you are a part of a business, a charitable organization, and/or employed by a medical facility, it is very important to keep track of the...... Read More
What is the maximum you can make without having to paying taxes?
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Do the mother and father have to alternate claiming the child each year on their tax returns if they
When a married couple who have a child/children split up and file for divorce, the way taxes are done can be a tad tricky. After the divorce, depending...... Read More
Can you still file taxes even though your employer didnt pay them but still took them out of your pa
When you are an employee of a company who makes a wage that would provide a yearly salary of over $10,000, then you are...... Read More
How do you file state and federal taxes if you did not file last year?
We are subject to file our taxes at the federal and state level by the April 15th deadline every year. Failure to file and pay causes for...... Read More
If you had credit card debt in your name received 1099-C cancellation of debt must you list this inc
When you acquire credit card debt, you basically received your credit card bill at the end of the month and did not pay it in full. This...... Read More
Can your trustee convert your Ch 7 to a Ch 13 if he decides that you will have enough money to make
When you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the courts will appoint a trustee to take control of your estate and liquidate your assets to pay off any debt you...... Read More
How long should a person wait after a chapter 13 bankruptcy is dismissed to file income taxes for th
When you are a person who has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the past, that generally means you have created a repayment plan to...... Read More
Will the IRS or state take your tax refund due to delinquent student loans?
Yes the state can take back your refund under the circumstance of your student loans defaulting particularly because...... Read More
What is corporate taxation?
Corporate taxation plays out just like the federal income tax placed upon an individual person, but is placed upon...... Read More
What do business taxes do to aggregate demand?
Aggregate Demand is the basis in calculating where our economy is on the spectrum. If it's to the left then we are probably in a...... Read More
Will the IRS tax you if your car was repossessed?
When the IRS has a tax lien against you, they are legally able to seize any possession you have that has the lien issued upon...... Read More