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What is the dividend received deduction?
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Can the IRS seize a beneficiary's death benefit for tax arrearages owed by the deceased?
The IRS has a lot of power, allowing them control of anything tax related. There are only 3 instances in which the IRS can seize...... Read More
Where must all tax bills start Why?
When the U.S. Constitution was written and put into effect in 1789, it became the supreme law of the land. In Article I of the Constitution...... Read More
What states do not charge sales tax?
When you live in 45 of the 50 states of the United States, you should expect to pay some sort of sales tax upon every transaction you make, whether...... Read More
If you are on unemployment do you need a W2 to file your taxes?
A W-2 tax form is the form that is filled out by an employer, or in this case the government, that allows you to see the amount of...... Read More
What allows the U.S. Congress to collect individual income taxes?
The 16th amendment permits the United States Congress to levy taxes on the individual incomes without dividing the revenue to the states. The amendment was passed in...... Read More
Can lower taxes on dividends and capital gains help hasten an economic recovery?
The answer to this question can go different ways depending on the type of economist you are. Some economists believe lowering taxes...... Read More
What are the disadvantages of money?
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What does worker's comp pay out for an injury?
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What does a tax attorney do?
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If you are buying a car from a private seller do you pay them sales tax?
Yes you do. It really depends on which state you reside in during the transaction and which state you decide to...... Read More
Which chamber of congress has the power to start laws that make people pay taxes?
In the United States Constitution, the first three articles showcase the separation of powers amongst the three branches of...... Read More