What are linear taxes?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where taxes are kind of scary. They can be high, and they can be low. But one thing that's for sure is that we live in a society that revolves around non-linear taxes. Linear taxes refer to when the tax rate is constant amongst all income levels. It is seen as a type of fairness to some, but disproportionate to most, as the rich would have to pay far less taxes than they would in a non-linear tax scheme. Non-linear taxes refer to when taxes are not held constant and can be either go higher or lower in terms of the income earned by the individual. This is the type of scheme that we enforce, as the rich are taxed in higher tax brackets than the middle and lower classes. This is seen as a much fairer approach to taxes, much to the dismay of the wealthy. These non-linear taxes make the 1% elitists pay so much money in taxes that the taxes they pay make up a huge percentage of the taxes collected by the government.

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